By Elizabeth Nettleton


The journey continues...

Anna, Jeanette, and Thomas have arrived on Illyxium, ready to find Solum, Imber, and Ventus, and save them from Ignis's awful schemes.

However, things are even more dangerous than they could have possibly imagined, and now they're in a race against time to save not only their friends but the rest of Illyxium as well.

"The Exiled Prince" is the second book in The Illyxium Chronicles series, and is now available on Amazon. It is a fun fantasy adventure suitable for younger readers (approximately 8+).

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A middle-grade fantasy series.

When twelve-year-old Anna goes to spend the summer with her sister, Jeanette, she doesn't think all that much is going to happen. That is, until a thirteen-year-old boy named Solum falls into their backyard.

Solum's a prince from a world called Illyxium, and nobody understands why he's suddenly arrived on Earth.

With some help from Jeanette's boyfriend, Thomas, and creatures Anna thought were only in storybooks, these unlikely friends must try to get Solum back home.

A fun adventure that spans worlds, "Solum's Landing" is the first book in The Illyxium Chronicles trilogy.

Paperback available now through Amazon. Kindle eBook available for pre-order for release November 20, 2020. Suitable for younger readers (approximately 8+).

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There are monsters in the world, and they want you to be quiet...

I am so excited to announce that my debut novella, The Price of Gold, is now available on Amazon. It began its life as a short story based on a Reedsy prompt, and it was so much fun expanding it into a longer piece of work.


Since the Freedom Party came into power, the people in Entium have been required to make a choice: their voices or their lives. For each day that they remain in total silence, they are rewarded with the money that they desperately need. If they're not quiet, they risk losing everything.

Alex always thought the choice was simple.

Until now.

When a young woman suffers the consequences of the world remaining silent, Alex swears that she will no longer be quiet. However, she soon learns that the cracks in her country run far deeper than she ever imagined.


Would you like to read more? You can find the extended edition of 'The Price of Gold' on Amazon as either an eBook or paperback. (Amazon) (Amazon Australia) (Amazon UK)

The Price of Gold is an adult horror/speculative fiction novella. It contains violence and language.

Happy reading!


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