By Elizabeth Nettleton


Hundreds of passengers boarded a ship for Mars.
Not all of them were human.

Kathie, Barry, Marielle, and Carl are four of the passengers on The Beryllium, a spaceship destined for Mars. They, like the rest of the colonizers on board, are hoping to leave their old lives behind and build a new society on the famous red planet.

They just have to get there first.

Six months into their trip, the ship has technical issues, and some of the passengers start behaving very strangely. Soon, everyone on The Beryllium is fighting for their lives.

And most of them of them don't even know it.

Available now on Amazon.

Aboard the Beryllium is a sci-fi novella intended for adults. It contains violence and adult language.


There are monsters in the world, and they want you to be quiet...

Since the Freedom Party came into power, the people in Entium have been required to make a choice: their voices or their lives. For each day that they remain in total silence, they are rewarded with the money they so desperately need. If they're not quiet, they risk losing everything.

Alex always thought the choice was simple.

Until now.

When a young woman pays the ultimate price for silence, Alex swears she will no longer be quiet. However, she soon learns that the cracks in her country run far deeper than she ever imagined.

The Price of Gold began as a short story written in response to the prompt:

"Silence is now literally golden. For every day of total silence a person completes, they receive a piece of gold."

I would like to extend my thanks to Reedy for this creative prompt.

The revised and expanded edition of 'The Price of Gold' is now available on Amazon.

The Price of Gold is an adult horror/speculative fiction novella. It contains violence and language.


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