Burning Reflection


Burning Reflection: a horror novella by Tim Mendees.

Do yourself a favour and clear an hour of your time to immerse yourself in Mendees's latest offering.

In Burning Reflection we meet Aiden, who has inherited his late uncle Kenneth's sprawling home. Kenneth was several things: reclusive, "mad as a box of frogs" (as his nephew puts it), and absolutely terrified of mirrors.

His fear means all the mirrors in the house have been covered with some type of sheet. Even the silverware has been left to tarnish lest somebody catch a glimpse of their reflection.

Aiden is naturally skeptical of the legitimacy of Kenneth's fears. He will not be cowed by his late uncle's wishes for the mirrors to remain covered, and instead forges ahead with making the house his own.

What follows is a delightfully suspenseful tale. There is mystery, numerology, mythology, and plenty of action. Atmosphere and tension are carefully curated, and I found myself completely invested in what would happen next.

One of my favourite things about Mendees's work is the personality he injects into his writing. He creates vivid (and often playful) descriptions that bring the plot and characters to life. Each character has a distinctive voice, and each drives the story forward.

Horror fans, especially those who are interested in mythos, will love this book.

© 2019 Elizabeth Nettleton
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